Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Day 2 - Iceberg Lake to Tyndall Creek

Let's get up at 5 and start the hike by 7am. After one hour, we'll get to the most challenging part of the Mountaineer's route. At the west of the Iceberg Lake, there is a couloir. It requires class 3 climbing. Be careful with arms and legs, should be able to get to the notch for one and half hour. Once get there, Mt. Whitney is not far away, another 20 min. Let's have a simple stop there for our start of the John Muir Trail hike. Let's plan to start at 11am and all the way down. We'll pass the Guitar Lake. Have a lunch over there at noon.

Day 1 - Bay area to Iceberg Lake

Drive from the Bay Area in tyhe early morning, say 5am. We stop by the Yosemite Valley (to pick up permits, maybe) and have a lunch. Then drive to Red's Meadow to drop the supply box. Hope to arrive at Lone Pine by 4pm and have a carbo loading dinner (the last hot meal). Let's start the hike at 5pm at the Portal. We'll follow the Mountaineer's route. It's steep uphill. We may walk slowly while get acclimatized. Prepare to stop and set up a camp at 8pm. Hope we can get to the Iceberg Lake. Have a great sleep for the first night.


When - It'll be in July after my family come back to Taiwan at the second half of June. My favorite is the fisrt half of July because it covers the July 4th and save my vacation hours, which I need for my vacation in Taiwan in August.

Direction - From Mt. Whitney to Yosemite. I think starting tougher can make the following days more comfortable. Once get to Devil's Postpile or Red's Meadow, can have a good meal and hot shower. From then on, will carry light with fast strides to get to Tuolume Meadow for one day and Happy Isle (the Finish) for another day. The last three days will be wonderful to the completion.

Date - Initially, I thought to get to Mt. Whitney on July 4th and start the JMT from there as a celebration. Then I found it is a Monday. I'd like to make better use of the weekends, so the kickoff date is July 3rd. Anyway, this may exclusively depend on the permit if lottery is needed..

How long - 10 days (at most) on the 211 mile trail, plus 2 days commute.

Permits - Since I'll stay a night at Iceberg Lake, wilderness permit is required. Do I need Mt. Whitney permit? For the 10 days on the trail, what kind of permit do I need? Can I get them from Yosemite? It is said easier to get at Yosemite but I need a detour when I drive from Bay Area.

Daily - Try to cover 22 miles a day. breakfast etc (5-7), 10 miles in the morning (7-12), lunch (12-1), 10 miles (1-6), dinner (6-7), 2 miles (7-8), campsite setup (8-9).